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About Domino’s Pizza

American pizza chain Domino’s was founded in 1960 and landed in the UK 25 years later. Today there are over a thousand Domino’s pizza takeaway shops nationwide. Customers can pick up their pizza order, or have it delivered, browsing the menu online first. Choices cover pizzas, sides, desserts, and drinks, with different size, flavour, and dietary requirements.

Food and drink brands found at Domino’s include Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Magnum, and Monster Energy. The menu lists vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and different spicy level options. Whether sharing a Domino’s with friends or having a quiet night in, there are flavours for everyone. These range from classic margherita to hot and spicy, to chicken, Hawaiian and meat alternatives. Add sides like potato wedges, garlic pizza, chicken wings or nuggets, throwing in a few different dips for good measure. With meal deals and promotional offers to shop, we’ll let you know our latest live Domino’s voucher codes here too.

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Buyers Guides

Domino's Pizza Ranges: Most Popular image

Domino’s Pizza Ranges: Most Popular

1. Dominos speciality pizzas:

Order up a pizza from Dominos and you know that you’ll be getting something really special. With some fabulous options such as the Vegi Supreme, Mighty Meaty and American Hot to choose from, there’s something for all the family to enjoy.

2. Dominos plant-based pizzas:

More and more people are choosing to eat plant-based, so Dominos have created a special vegetarian and plant-based selection. Go for the Plant-Based Peppy-roni, Plant-Based Vegi Supreme or Plant-Based American Hot. They are all available on a plant-based Italian-style crust base.

3. Dominos gluten-free pizzas:

Order a gluten-free pizza; all the pizzas in this section are made on a Dr Schär Gluten Free Base. Go for something simple like Gluten Free Cheese & Tomato or try something different with the Gluten Free Texas BBQ.

4. Dominos sides:

You can’t have a pizza without a few tasty sides, and Dominos offer a fabulous selection. Go for their Twisted Dough Balls, Garlic Pizza Bread or succulent Chicken Strippers. They also offer a plant-based combo featuring plant-based nuggets and potato wedges served with a plant-based garlic & herb dip and BBQ dip.

5. Dominos desserts:

Round off your feast with a Dominos dessert. With indulgent options such as Domini’s Cookies, Lotta-choca Pizza and Cinni Dippers, you’ll want to order them all! They also stock ice-cream tubs such as Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew and Magnum Double Salted Caramel Tub.

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How to save at Domino’s Pizza

Give yourself a break from cooking and order something delicious . With their wide range of meaty, vegetarian and plant-based pizzas, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, there are those sizzling sides and tempting desserts. Here are a few money-saving tips:

1. Follow Dominos on social media:

To keep track of the latest money-saving offers, follow Dominos on social media. You’ll find them on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

2. Check out the latest Dominos Deals in your area:

Scan down our Dominos codes to find the deals for your local area. Examples of the weekly deals include 50% off Dominos when you spend over £50 at Domino’s Pizza, or £10 off when you spend over £30.

3. Dominos student discounts:

There are some great Dominos deals to be had if you’re at uni, with students able to get a 35% Dominos discount on selected orders

4. Download the Dominos app:

Keep track of your orders, access unique Dominos promo codes and hear about new menu drops by downloading the app. The Dominos app is easy to install and makes the whole ordering process much easier.


Best of: Domino’s Pizza

Browse their exciting menu of pizzas, sides and decadent desserts, and choose from a wide range of delicious options such as these tempting treats:

1. Dominos The Ultimate Spicy Meatball:

If you’re always on the lookout for new flavour combos, this new spicy meatball pizza is the one for you. Topped with pepperoni, pork meatballs, green jalapenos, onions and mozzarella on Domino’s tomato sauce base this will tantalise the tastebuds.

2. Dominos fries:

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for…Dominos now do fries! Enjoy a perfectly crispy portion of golden fries served with one sachet of salt. The perfect accompaniment to your pizza feast. Apply all Dominos codes in seconds with our handy DealFinder.

3. Dominos Plant-Based Vegi Supreme:

This plant-based pizza is simply scrummy! It’s topped with onions, peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes and a plant-based cheese alternative on tomato sauce, all with a plant-based Italian-style crust.

4. Dominos Twisted Dough Balls – Chocolate Cinnamon:

These look delicious! Six fresh dough rolls topped with cinnamon sugar and coated with melted milk chocolate. That’s a big yes from us here at VC HQ! Fancy giving them a try?

5. Dominos Chicken & Bacon Wrap:

And if you’re in the mood for something light, this chicken and bacon wrap could be the perfect lunchtime snack. A folded tortilla wrap filled with Domino’s own tomato sauce, 100% mozzarella cheese, chicken breast strips and smoked bacon will definitely satisfy those hunger pangs.

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